A MOVA Globe For Every Room In Your Home

A MOVA Globe For Every Room In Your Home

If you’ve been spending extended periods of time at home, chances are you might feel your room styles are getting a little stagnant. Adding small, purposeful décor can instantly enhance the feeling of any room.

Finding the perfect accent piece to make a room pop is an art, like pairing the perfect wine with your favorite dish. Just like sommeliers learn the art of wine and food pairing to highlight the different notes in a dish, we’ve also enlisted experts to pair the perfect MOVA Globes for every room.

A Globe in the Living or Family Room

Perfect Pairing: Earth with Clouds Globe

Science has proven that observing the Earth from space (even in art forms) induces a feeling of interconnectedness. Placing the best-selling MOVA Earth with Clouds Globe in your family room will instantly provide a comforting and calming feeling to the heart of your home.

Displaying the globe where your family members and guests gather will inspire conversation about hopes and dreams, turning game night into quality family time.

A Globe for the Kitchen

Perfect Paring: Blue Relief Map Globe

The kitchen is where you can nurture the mind, soul, and body. Adding the classic MOVA Blue Relief Map Globe to a spot where children gravitate after school to talk about their day can spur additional learning and discussion about geography, history, and life.

Be spontaneous and use the globe as a launching pad for planning your next vacation. As the globe spins, choose a spot for the perfect destination.

The Perfect Globe for the Primary Bedroom

Perfect Paring: Earth at Night Globe

As you end the day retreating to your primary bedroom for a restful night of sleep, what globe to better inspire serenity and peaceful dreams than the MOVA Earth at Night Globe, awash in dark spaces and brilliant lights marking cities, borders, and boats at sea? Let the calm view of the Earth from space at night relax you at the end of any hectic day.

A MOVA Globe in the Guest Bedroom

Perfect Pairing: Antique Terrestrial Map Globe

Available in green or white, the MOVA Antique Terrestrial Map Globe models the 1790 map designed by Giovanni Maria Cassini and depicts the three voyages of James Cook. This globe is a nod to the travels of your visitors as well as a gentle reminder that their journey continues beyond your guest room.

A Globe for A Child’s Bedroom

Perfect Paring: Moon Globe

The MOVA Moon Globe is perfect for any child’s room. Infants and toddlers can gaze upon the mesmerizing globe as they fall asleep to the bedtime story classic, Goodnight Moon. For children and teens, it can be a launching point for a discussion about their bright future and global technological advances like NASA’s Artemis Moon Rocket, which will return humans to the moon.

Home Office and the Perfect Globe

Perfect Paring: Specialty Globes  Globe

A sleek and sophisticated addition to any workspace, MOVA’s metallic globes place luxurious metallic landmasses against deep, contrasting oceans. A contemporary twist on a classic element, the globes provide a soothing break to your day. A simple glance at our metallic globes will remind you to breathe in the good energy and let go of the bad.

A Globe in the Bar or Entertainment Room

Perfect Paring: Space Globes

Whether you display the fiery Sun Globe, the soothing Saturn Globe, or all the globes from our solar system set, your entertainment room will be the envy of the neighborhood. Friends will gather to explore deep space and spark conversations on the future of space travel and humanity on Earth. Turn the globes into a party game of find Jupiter’s “great red spot” or contemplate the status of Pluto as you sip a libation in the comfort of your home.

Your Home Study or Library

Perfect Pairing: Political Map World Globe

The MOVA Political Map World Globe features either the iconic blue oceans or vintage yellow oceans and is the perfect decor for the room surrounded by your collection of books. Each country on this globe is outlined in bright colors and tied to a piece of rich history.

A MOVA Globe in Your Music Room


When it comes to pairing home decor with music, the creativity of the art and bright colors of the rotating MOVA Starry Night and Iris Globes featuring the famous works of Van Gogh will fuel inspiration and bring your music to life.

MOVA Globes are on Trend for 2022 Home Décor

According to the top decorating trends of 2022 identified by HGTV and MOVA Globes, they add an aesthetic feel to any room with their curved shapes, lasting style, and travel-inspired designs. The MOVA Globe can provide a focal point for your room decor or blend in with your current room ensemble, making them a perfect accent piece. Whether a MOVA Globe is the star of the room or a supporting cast member, their design and style are sure to stay trendy beyond 2022.

Now that you have our perfect MOVA Globe pairings, select your own style to create a new vibe in any room without a massive renovation or total redecoration. Order yours and then sit back and enjoy an entrancing blend of science and art from the comfort of your own home.

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