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Moon - Official NASA Globe

Moon - Official NASA Globe

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Replogle; An extraordinary 30cm globe that accurately depicts the geographical feature of the Earth's moon, including craters, seas and mountain ranges.

Bring the mystery and majesty of the earth's only natural satellite indoors with the Replogle Moon Official NASA Desktop Globe. A futuristic clear plastic stand supports the 12 inch globe reaching 14 inches tall combined. Since the sphere is not mounted to the stand it can easily be lifted for closer examination making it a great educational tool.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration also known as NASA has spent years meticulously mapping the surface of the moon with six different manned expeditions to the lunar object in addition to other unmanned probes. This Replogle globe uses NASA's official map of the moon on this silver black and white orb. Thousands of place names populate the fascinating desktop globe that label craters mountain ranges and valleys with poetic titles like the Sea of Rains and Sea of Tranquility. For those who are enthralled by the wonder of the universe the Replogle Moon Official NASA Desktop Globe is for you. The inscrutable nature of the celestial body is on vibrant display with this model. Be transported to the surface of the moon through curious examination of this mesmerizing Replogle globe!

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